No more visible devices!
HIDE all your cables and devices. Make your space wireless.

Discover the unique features of HIDE.
The revolutionary flat TV wall mount!



Adjustable TV angle

4 angle positions from 0° to 10°

In most cases, the TV is mounted on the wall in a position parallel to the wall. When the TV is mounted higher on the wall, you need to tilt the device to achieve the optimal view angle (in public places, such as restaurants, halls, etc.). The HIDE TV wall mount allows you to adjust the TV angle from 0° to 10°, depending on the current wall mount thickness, and adapt the TV angle according to your needs.

Adjustable wall mount thickness

5 thickness positions from 47mm to 79mm

Because there are so many electronic devices of different sizes, it is difficult to optimize the wall mount thickness for all of them. Sometimes, you need a thin TV wall mount, while other times, you need a thicker one to accommodate your device. HIDE will do just that.

You can adjust the wall mount thickness to accommodate electronic devices of different sizes and achieve the perfect aesthetic look for your wireless space.



Adjustable positions of device holders

Considering the number, size and port location connection of your electronic device, you can add, remove and change the position of device holders any time, to achieve clean cable routing and easy access for critical devices.

Easy to install with integrated bubble level

All the required mounting material is provided in the package. The mounting process is very straightforward, therefore no additional help is needed. With the integrated bubble level you can easily align the TV wall mount parallel to the floor.



Ready for wireless charger integration

Wireless charging is the next technology standard. It eliminates the need for manual attachment and detachment of the power cord. You will charge your phone more frequently, avoid low battery status, and increase battery life by simply putting the phone on the shelf. You can install up to 3 round wireless phone chargers in the wall mount shelf. 

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